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Understay - Part 2
They could already hear metallic clanging echoing from the doorway. Frisk glanced to Asgore, who returned it. Frisk decided to knock, but there wasn't a response.
"I don't think they can hear me..." He commented, trying again to the same result.
"Let me try." Asgore requested. Frisk stood aside and Asgore stepped up, readying his fist to knock. The first thump shook some loose snow from the roof, the second dented the door and the third caused the rest of the snow to plummet from the roof, burying Frisk and half of Asgore with a resounding "whumph" sound. The clanging stopped and footsteps approached as Frisk worked to free himself. He'd just freed himself when the door opened, revealing a confused-looking Undyne. Her confusion turned to shock at the sight of Frisk's guest.
"Hello, Undyne." he chuckled, reaching down to help Frisk to his feet.
"Whuh... what are you doing here? I thought you'd be in New Home!"
"I was in my palace when Frisk arrived. We went over to the barr
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Understay - Part 1
Only a few men had seen what stood before Frisk, and only from the other side. This wall, this barrier, was all that stood between him and the outer world. His world.
"Impressive, is it not?" A voice asked him. He turned to see Asgore, a towering monster with white fur and a pair of stubby horns. Most of him was concealed behind a suit of dull purple armour and a cape to match, but everyone who saw him knew him to be a powerful monster, king of his realm. "After the war between our races had ended, after our banishment to the land you have explored, seven human magicians summoned all of their power - their Determination - to create this barrier. Centuries after, it still remains. You met the captain of my guard, did you not?" Frisk nodded gently, the memories of the fight with Undyne still fresh in his mind. "She informed you of the gate's key, seven human souls. We have six." Asgore looked at the barrier, and Frisk did the same. It seemed to be... trembling slightly. "We have studied
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Youtube Splash Page... Hopefully :iconphoenix-of-chaos:Phoenix-of-Chaos 0 2
Voyage of the Sparrow Hawk - a FTL Story Sector 1
The Sparrow Hawk wasn't originally built for combat, and it shows. The only merit to its weapons are the new styles, and even then they were powered by an old reactor. At least the shields functioned - barely. She had recieved a crew of three, barely enough to pilot and man weapons and shields. Ferry was the pilot, although he had had little experience in the skill. Cubbin was the weapons man, and even though he had had no experience he showed great enthusiasm for it. Declan was the shieldsmith, and was overall quiet. They hadn't seen much action until the day they got the information...
Type: Civilian
The crew had assembled in the room just before the cockpit.
"Alright, guys," Ferry stated. "There are no captains here, no privates. For official purposes, yes, I'm the captain, but as far as I care we're equals. Let's try and stay alive, it's a tough universe out there." the other two nodded wordlessly. "Comms are linked to the reactor so they can't go down, if
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Craft Your Own 001 - Awakening :iconphoenix-of-chaos:Phoenix-of-Chaos 0 7 Improbable Mineland :iconphoenix-of-chaos:Phoenix-of-Chaos 3 3 HEAVYBIKE :iconphoenix-of-chaos:Phoenix-of-Chaos 3 3 Miney Crafty Crappy Dragon :iconphoenix-of-chaos:Phoenix-of-Chaos 0 5
Short Story 3- Storm Quenching
Quenching a storm
The rain was only getting worse. It had already flooded the nearby village in its eternal rage, and theirs looked like it was next. Nearly the entire village was praying to their god, begging for salvation. The only one who wasn't was the stranger. There was something about her the villagers didn't trust. Whether it was the strange necklace she insisted on wearing, or the strange wand with two sapphire orbs, or the winged headband, nobody knew. In any case, she had come, desperate for shelter from the downpour, and the villagers had granted her this. She looked now out of the window and at the obsidian clouds, at the diamond splinters it cast. She could stop this. Her voice had caused it, and so her voice would end it. Surely it would work. She stood up, ignoring the weakness in her limbs, and staggered to the door. This could well be her last song; she was determined to make it her best.
Using a discarded branch as a makeshift staff,
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Short Story 2 - Egg Hunt
Female Purrloin
Hunting eggs
The distinct sound of a rumbling stomach interrupted her walk as she clutched the guilty party with slim fingers.
"Looks like skipping breakfast was a mistake." she complained, looking around. She was in a forest of sorts, which should have spelt good news, but she wasn't much of a hunter. The fungi were either inedible or sentient, so they were out the question. Everything that could move could fight, and she liked staying pretty, which meant no bite marks, no scratch marks, no allergic reactions, NOTHING. She sighed and walked on, listening to the sounds around her. Pachirisus scampered around on the somewhat-mossy ground, the wind gently shook the leaves, a Braviary let loose its solemn cry high above her... wait, Braviary? Braviary meant birds, and birds meant eggs, and eggs meant food. She licked her lips, already going through the options. Scrambled, fried, boiled, poached... all she had to do was get one.Luck was kind, and she w
:iconphoenix-of-chaos:Phoenix-of-Chaos 2 2
Short Story 1 - The Chase
Female Eevee
Grass Field
The field's verdant tranquillity was shattered like glass by a scream of fear-ridden surprise, and a separate one of triumph. Flocks of Pidoves and Starlies took to the air, startled by this outcry, as a girl - barely in her teens - burst out of a particularly dense clump of grass. The girl had a humanoid body, but sported the ears and tail of an Eevee, as well as a similarly coloured coat of fur. She, and other so-called  "sub-humans" were pursued by Purists, a growing group of humans who wished for nothing more than being the sole sapient specie on the entire planet. For years, these  Purists had hunted down any sub-human they could find... and she was the latest of the victims. Stumbling, she constantly switched between running on two legs and on four, panicked into finding the swifter option. A large vehicle burst out of the grass, its engine roaring like a pack of starving Luxrays, before slamming down on the
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Prism OC :iconphoenix-of-chaos:Phoenix-of-Chaos 4 7 Kayosian References - Cell+ :iconphoenix-of-chaos:Phoenix-of-Chaos 3 2
Kayos, Chapter 1
It's really rather strange, how life is sparked. Some argue that it was the work of Spode, others say it was pure chance. However, for the Kayosians, they firmly believe in the Meteor of Origin, a meteor that plummeted from the cosmos and into the oceans of Kayos. What follows is the documentation through the stages of life; cell, creature, collection, community and complete...
Chapter 1
Tidepools & Very Small Things
BOOM! The meteorite hit the surface of the water, the vastly increased resistance shattering it like glass. As a shard descended into the warm pools of Kayos, something started to emerge...
The first Kayosian shrugged the remaining fragments of the meteor from its body, its primitive eyes glancing around. Food. That was the only thought that went through its mind, and so it sought food. Surrounding it were chunks of meat from larger cells, and small plant life. It sniffed at a plant, but the scent repelled him, so he turned to a chunk of meat. A Minno swam past, its
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You're more than likely to see stories here. Maybe a drawing or two if you're lucky.


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They could already hear metallic clanging echoing from the doorway. Frisk glanced to Asgore, who returned it. Frisk decided to knock, but there wasn't a response.

"I don't think they can hear me..." He commented, trying again to the same result.

"Let me try." Asgore requested. Frisk stood aside and Asgore stepped up, readying his fist to knock. The first thump shook some loose snow from the roof, the second dented the door and the third caused the rest of the snow to plummet from the roof, burying Frisk and half of Asgore with a resounding "whumph" sound. The clanging stopped and footsteps approached as Frisk worked to free himself. He'd just freed himself when the door opened, revealing a confused-looking Undyne. Her confusion turned to shock at the sight of Frisk's guest.


"Hello, Undyne." he chuckled, reaching down to help Frisk to his feet.

"Whuh... what are you doing here? I thought you'd be in New Home!"

"I was in my palace when Frisk arrived. We went over to the barrier, and yes, I attacked him, but he's had an interesting idea."

"What, becomin' a snowman?" She gestured to Frisk, who was still dusting snow off of himself. "You'd better come in before you freeze your butts off."

"Thankyou." Asgore nodded, letting Frisk enter first. He sighed in relief at the warmth of the house; as beautiful as Snowdin was, its distance from the Core left it far too cold for his liking. Asgore followed behind, pulling the door gently.


"Wowie!" Papyrus exclaimed, peeking through from the kitchen. "Is that really you, your highness?"

"Hello, Papyrus." Asgore smiled, waving briefly. "How are you two?"

"Fine!" Papyrus grinned, starry-eyed. Undyne, however, was frowning, deep in thought.

"Sir, what kind of business would bring you out here? If Frisk had died you'd be working on breaking the barrier..."

"Undyne!" Papyrus chastised. "At least offer our guests a drink before anything else! The poor human looks colder than when we fought!" Frisk smiled gratefully, gently rubbing an arm as Papyrus disappeared into the kitchen again. Undyne's frown didn't improve as she continued to stare at the two.

"Something's up." she muttered. "Frisk, I thought you were more determined to get outta here. Why'd you come back?"

"I.. I was thinking about what Sans said... that I didn't have any LOVE but I had plenty of love."

"Oh, jeez, did he do that whole "judge of all beings" spiel again?" she sighed, rolling her eye. "Just 'cause an old friend of his did something weird..." Frisk chuckled slightly. Papyrus entered again, carrying a tray of glasses of water.

"Of course you have plenty of love, human! I do not date any old so-and-so, you know! I have very high standards!" He set the tray down, giving everyone a glass.

"You told me you dated him because he could cook spaghetti." Undyne commented off-handedly. Papyrus flailed in surprise, then tried to shush Undyne with a finger to his teeth. Frisk and Asgore giggled quietly at the show. "Anyway, what were you saying, kid? Somethin' about love?"

"Yeah, well... He made me think about what I wanted, where I wanted to go... and I figured out people would want me here more than in my world."


"But what of your family?" Asgore frowned slightly.

"I don't really have any... My parents died a long time ago and I don't have any siblings"

"That sucks." Undyne commented, leaning back. Her glass had already been emptied.

"Yeah, and I think people here need me more than up there."

"Need you?" Papyrus asked, tilting his head slightly. "For what?"

"I brought them hope for unity, I think. If they can be friends with me, why not others?"

"I suppose..." Papyrus put his hand to his chin in thought.

"But there is still the issue of monsters desiring your soul." Asgore frowned slightly.

"Ha!" Undyne grinned, raising her hand and forming an energy spear in it. "Let 'em try! I'll remind 'em why I'm the captain of the Royal Guard!" Asgore chuckled, nodding in approval.

"I had hoped you would say that. Would it be possible to make some of the Guard protect him permanently?"

"Permanently? Well, I guess, but it'd be awkward to do so for too long." The spear faded as she lowered her hand.

"Ooh! Ooh! Pick me, pick me!" Papyrus blurted out, raising his hand enthusiastically. "I'd be perfect for it!"

"You're still in training, Papyrus, I can't accept you for any official mission."

"Then make it unofficial!" he grinned innocently. "The human deserves a guardsman as great as you or I, surely!"

"... I suppose if it went through the records it'd be harder to hide..." Undyne considered her options, closing her eye.

"Miss Undyne?" Frisk attempted to get her attention. "I'd like for Papyrus to help protect me, but I think he won't be the only one helping me."

"Whuh?" she opened her eye again, looking to Frisk.

"I'm going back to the Ruins. I know someone in there, she's very strong."

"How strong?" Undyne asked, eye narrowing slightly.

"About as strong as Asgore."

"Jeez, that's it?" she chuckled, her gaze drifting to Asgore. "If that's all you have, I'd do a better job of it."

"..." Asgore didn't reply, making Undyne's grin drop a little.

"Uh, everythin' okay, big guy?"

"Hm?" he blinked slightly, looking back to Undyne. "Um, yes, all is... I'm fine."

"... right. Hey, Papyrus, how's the spaghetti?"

"Oh, goodness!" he exclaimed, bolting to his feet and rushing through to the kitchen. Undyne sighed, getting up to follow.

"I'll try to not set the house on fire this time." she grinned, striding quickly into the kitchen. Asgore and Frisk exchanged nervous glances.


To the relief of the guests, the house remained unburnt, and all four were soon seated around the table. Asgore and Undyne were on the couch, Frisk and Papyrus on the floor across from them. Asgore leant in to start immediately, but paused on seeing Frisk hesitate.

"Is everything well, human?" Asgore asked, blinking a little.

"Uh, yeah, it's just... The spaghetti down here's more of an acquired taste than it is up there."

"Ooh! You've had spaghetti before?" Papyrus leaned in, curious. "Was it as great as my own?"

"It, uh, it was certainly different, that's for sure..."

"Think you could cook it?" Undyne asked, eating hers without hesitation. "I know Alphys would wanna try some real human grub out at some point."

"Of course he can!" Papyrus declared. "He told me so himself!"

"Would you consider doin' it, then?"

"I, uh, sure."

"Fantastic!" Papyrus grinned, scooping another forkful of spaghetti into his mouth. "I, the great Papyrus, will sample some authentic human cuisine! Can I help make it?"

"I guess, but you'll have to follow my instructions closely."

"Okay!" Undyne and Asgore were smiling at Papyrus' enthusiasm as they got on with their meal. Frisk glanced at his still-untouched plate. He'd sampled Papyrus' cooking before; he could almost feel his tongue recoil at the thought of another batch. Still, everyone else had eaten it without complaint. Maybe this time would be different. He cautiously prepared a forkful...


"Knock knock."

"Who is there?"

"I'm skel."

"I'm skel who?"

"I'm skelkin' around, sure you wanna talk to me?" She laughed. She always laughed. The laugh fell quiet, though, and was followed by a few seconds of silence. "Hey, uh, you seem kinda quiet today, everythin' okay?"

"... the human?"

"He's safe. Safer than you'd think, actually."


"He's with Asgore now. They're comin' here."

"What? You mean... Asgore hasn't..."

"Kid's fine. So's Asgore, actually. They've got a plan, let the kid die of age and take his soul after."

"Age? This isn't like him..."

"Problem is, the kid's still a kid, he's gonna need a mom. Asgore seems happy to be the dad..."

"... He wants me to be the mother."

"Looks like it." More silence echoed, a soft, winter breeze flowing through the air. "... Still there?"


"Cool... Uh, wanna talk?"

"... Asgore and the child... they didn't fight?"

"Kid talked him out of it."

"And they're coming here?"


"... should I forgive him?"


"Huh?" Sans shuffled, looking at the door.

"... He's keeping us down here, biding his time before the next, innocent human falls down. Why doesn't he take the soul he has and use it to get six more souls from the outside?"

"You know he'd have to kill way more than six, even with the power of a fused soul he can't stop humans from being aggressive towards monsters."

"Not all humans are evil! We had a human in the family, you remember him?"


"He was a good child... I don't know why he..."

"Hey, it ain't worth getting choked up over."

"Sir, please..."

"... sorry, didn't know you still hurt from back then. I'll shut up."

"Thankyou..." They sank into an uncomfortable silence. Eventually, Sans got up with a grunt.

"If you need a hand cleanin' up, I can find a shortcut or somethin', but I'll get goin' if you don't need it."

".. It's nothing I cannot manage."

"Alright. Same time tomorrow?"

"If I am not busy, of course."

"Alright." Sans grinned a little - only a little - and trudged down the long, straight path back to Snowdin.


Frisk groaned quietly, stomach still objecting to the meal he'd eaten. Papyrus hadn't improved at all. He laid on the couch, feigning sleepiness, and tried to overcome the beast in his gut… and his mind. The voice had spoken up again, calling for their deaths. They had all wronged him, the voice said They had attacked him, they had wanted him dead. They didn't care for him. Only his soul. Even now others would be hunting him, blades ready, fangs dripping with saliva and malice. Hunt them first. Make sure he couldn't be touched. To survive among monsters, one must be a monster. Frisk rolled onto his side, facing the back of the couch, as he put the pillow over his head. The voice was stronger now, louder.

"He isn't me…" he muttered to himself, gripping the pillow tighter. "He can't be me…"

"Human?" A gentle hand rested on his arm. Frisk flinched a little from the surprise touch, but moved the pillow and sat up. It was Papyrus, frowning slightly in concern. "Are you okay? You were muttering in your sleep..."

"I... I'm okay..." Frisk muttered, managing a weak, fake smile. "Just... trying to talk myself to sleep, I guess."

"You said something about somebody not being you?"

"..." he considered talking about it. If he could trust anyone, it would be Papyrus, but he didn't want to cause undue concern to someone so… innocent. "I-it's nothing, Papyrus…"

"… If you want to talk, human, please…" Papyrus looked Frisk in the eye.

"… later, Papyrus, I promise. Let me… let me get myself ready…" Papyrus nodded wordlessly, resting a hand on his head in a show of sympathy, before getting up and walking up to his room. Frisk flopped onto his back, sighing quietly. Even if the voice was right, he could still rely on his friends. They, at least, meant him no harm. He tried to go back to sleep, still fighting the monster in his gut.


Asgore trudged through the snow, quietly enjoying how his breath turned to clouds before him. The village of Snowdin hadn't changed since his last visit, despite the human's arrival. He didn't know what to think of that; had the monsters here adapted to their underground life? Or had their fondness of the human overwhelmed the desire for freedom? In either case, he was content. In New Home, so close to the barrier, all he heard were the grumbles of monsters demanding out, the angry rumble of a mob barely suppressed. It had taken all of his power, both diplomatic and physical, to ensure the hollow, fragile peace remained intact. He sighed quietly, shoulders dropping a little.

"Your majesty?" a citizen asked. He looked over, to see a young monster looking up at him. "Are you okay?"

"I am, thankyou." he smiled gently. "Yourself?"

"You aren't gonna hurt the human, are you?" This caught Asgore off-guard.

"Well, no, I do not wish to, but... you would not hurt him?"

"I know he has the Soul we need, but... c-can't we wait for another?"

"... you enjoy his presence that much?"

"Uh-huh! He's a nice human!"

"You may be a very old monster before another human falls down." Asgore warned. "You do realise that, yes?"

"I know, I know... but you'll be here too, right?"

"Yes, I plan to stay here for a while." He smiled, ruffling the child's hair. "The human will be in my care, too."

"Really? Can I visit?" the child's eyes widened at the prospect of a new friend.

"We shall see. Run along, now, I have business I need to take care of."

"Yes, sir!" The monster nodded, running off to share his story of meeting the king. He smiled as the child left, then frowned a little. He had business to deal with. He went to walk on, but was stopped by a very familiar laugh.


The laugh was loud, echoing through the caverns the monsters called home, loud enough to awaken Frisk with a jolt. The laugh was cruel, sending Asgore's fur bristling. The laugh was long, letting Sans reach Snowdin without a shortcut.

"The hell is…?" Sans asked, looking around nervously. He'd heard that laugh before, but never in this timeline. "Asgore's still alive, what's..."

"Sans!" Asgore called out, rushing over to him. "What was that?"

"Sounded like a real piece of trouble." Sans replied. "You'd better get ready to fight."

"To fight? What on…"

"That monster just stole the six souls, and it'll come for the seventh. We're gonna have to defend Frisk."

"From what? What is coming?"

"Get everyone inside!" Sans suddenly burst into a run, heading to his home. "We'll need all the help we can get, but the monsters here won't be able to do anything!" The ground started to shake, nearly knocking Sans off of his feet.

"Right!" Asgore nodded, starting to herd the panicked population into Grillby's bar. For a guy that never spoke, Grillby had a way of keeping people surprisingly calm. Sans threw the door open, panting to catch his breath, to see Frisk on his feet, Papyrus right behind him.

"You two ready?"

"Waiting on Undyne." Frisk replied, trying to control his shaking. He was scared, and Sans could see it.

"Hey, kid, you don't need to..."

"Yes, I do It's me he's after, isn't it?"

"Heh... I guess he is."

"Sans, what's going on?" Papyrus asked, looking out the window. "Who would attack other monsters?"

"Paps, it's a long story, we don't have time for it now. Undyne, come on!" The ground shook again, harder this time.

"Nearly done! Stupid armour..." Frisk headed outside, looking around. Papyrus' house was on the outskirts of town so nobody rushed past him, but he could see the town cramming itself into the stronger buildings. He heard a mighty crash and turned to look, wanting to see what was going on. A towering beast lurched over Waterfall, a box of sorts - no, Frisk saw a television - shining a pillar of light onto the ground below. Vines reached to the ceiling, supporting the beast among the stars, shards of crystal clattering to the ground beneath. Worst of all had to be the maw, two slathering jaws that extended out, inviting prey to enter the literal jaws of death. Frisk couldn't help but take a step back, horrified at the sight. What sort of monster would do this to themselves? And why? One of the supporting vines unearthed itself, swinging out closer to Snowdin as the pillar of light swung closer. Sans opened the door and joined Frisk, Papyrus close behind.

"... sheesh..." Sans sighed, cracking his knuckles in front of him. "This time's gonna be different." Both Frisk and Papyrus looked at him, confused.

"Sans?" Papyrus questioned. "Have you seen this before?"

"It's a long story, Paps." Sans grinned sheepishly. "Let's get back to Asgore, we can fight together."

"Right!" Papyrus agreed, rushing off towards the king. Frisk followed, the heaped snow no longer as reassuring as before. He bunched a fist, determination welling again. This beast, whatever it was, needed his help too. It must be confused, possibly scared. Whatever the case, he would help it find peace.


The lumbering of the beast was the only sound they could hear for a while, until Undyne joined them. She was sporting her full armour, including her creepy helmet, and was juggling a spear. "That's a big one, huh?"

"Seems like it's looking for the kid." Sans commented. "It's almost on us, but I don't think it can see past the light."

"Right." They braced themselves. Asgore gripped his trident, smoke gently pouring from his hands as his magic prepared to be cast. Next to him, Papyrus was hunched slightly, fists bunched. Frisk was in the centre, a hand clutching the pendant firmly. Sans just grinned, facing the beast as his pupils vanished. Undyne grabbed her summoned spear in both hands, grinning under the helmet as she anticipated the fight. The beast swung closer again, beam sweeping over them. The light was so intense that all but Sans and Papyrus had to avert their eyes. Papyrus gasped in surprise, lowering his fists.

"It can't be..."

"Howdy!" The box blasted, echoing through their heads and the whole of Snowdin. "I'm Flowey! Flowey the Flower!"

"I guessed that." Sans yawned. "Stand down, big guy, you can't beat all of us."

"Can't I?" he giggled, the light switching off - instead showing a monochrome picture of Flowey's face. "This hasn't happened before, has it? Frisk's Determination failed him! I'm strong enough to Save!" he laughed maniacally, ropes of saliva flicking away from that horrible maw.

"You think that'll save you?" Sans grinned. "'cause that looks like the face of a guy who's lost... five? Six times? Somewhere around that." The laugh died in whatever tube Flowey considered his throat.

"Big talk, comedian." Flowey grumbled, a vine high above swinging out to better support the monstrous bulk. "I've killed you three times before now."

"Me, maybe. But you were still stopped." he grinned, shuffling his weight a little. "So, who's first?"


Flowey roared, raising a monstrous appendage before swinging it down with a crash. Everybody leapt out the way, scattering to make them harder to hit. Frisk tried to find a safe point, tried to find somewhere to watch this beast from without much risk. Flowey seemed aware of this strategy, however, and the terrible maw swung to face him.

"You're not going anywhere!" he laughed, waves of energy pellets pulsing from those terrible eyes and zooming towards Frisk. Frisk yelped, darting back and forth to avoid this rain of bullets.

"Hey, ugly!" Undyne yelled, throwing an energy spear at the monitor. Flowey turned to block it, the blanket of bullets turning with it. The energy forced Undyne on the defensive, holding her spear above her to parry the bullets. A distinct click echoed, the snapping of fingers, and a wall of bone-shaped energy rose from the ground in front of Undyne, saving her from the worst of the assault. Asgore launched a fireball, sending it crashing into the beastly vine Flowey was using as an arm. Flowey grunted, raising himself higher.

"You're all insects!" he growled. The vine Asgore had struck started twitching wildly, the end forming a crude maw of sorts. "I'll crush you with your own kind!" a horrid buzzing noise echoed from within the vine as Frisk caught a glimpse of a black, reflective surface...

"Get down!" Sans yelled, diving for a snow pile. Frisk did the same, ducking behind Papyrus' house as everyone scrambled for cover. The repulsive buzzing grew louder as a giant fly, at least as big as Sans, started to crawl out of the vine and divebomb the ground. Another one appeared, then two more... before too long the sky was filled with the buzzing of countless horrific insects, each plummeting to the ground in an attempt to strike the monsters. Frisk watched, horrified, as one started its deadly drop... right towards Sans!

"Sans!" he called out, running in. Flowey started laughing again, the screen now showing a maniacal face.


"Say goodbye, you pest!" Flowey snarled, the maw below the screen starting to quiver.

"Kid!" Sans looked over. "This is how it's got to happen, you can't-"

"I'm not losing my friends!" Frisk replied, jumping to the side as an insect crashed into the ground where he was.

"Nor shall I!" Asgore decreed, waving his hand and sending a surge of fireballs into the air. The sky was filled with explosions as the corrupt insects met the volatile flames, destroying both.

"What?!" Flowey growled, caught off-guard. "You're not supposed to do that!" The buzzing grew quiet then stopped as the last of the insects met a fiery end.

"You will answer for these crimes, monster." Asgore pointed his trident up at the screen. "Stand down now, before you actually kill anyone, and I will not punish you."

"You can't punish a god!" Flowey grinned. Frisk stared up at the monitor, and noticed something. The murderous glint in Flowey's eye was being overshadowed by... confusion. Something was wrong.

"I-it's okay to be scared!" Frisk said, spreading his arms as though for a hug. Flowey just laughed.

"Scared? Me?" he suddenly swooped low, that deranged face staring into Frisk's eye, the light of the monitor forcing Frisk to squint. "What do I have to be scared of?"

"Yourself." Frisk replied calmly, lowering his arms, his knife dropping into the snow beside him. "You've become a demon of wrath for a cause you don't even remember. You attack others because that's all people have done to you. You've forgotten what it is to be shown mercy, to be shown kindness." He gently rested his head on the screen. "You're scared because fear is all you've seen."

"What are you talking about?" Flowey asked, frowning now, quieter.

"I was the same, at first. Before I fell down, I... I had to fend for myself. People didn't really look at me. They just walked by, pretending I didn't exist at best. I knew fear, hunger, sorrow... loneliness."

"Get to the point." Flowey snapped.

"When I fell down here, you were the first person I saw. The first monster I met tried to kill me. But when Toriel came, she reminded me of the goodness in people's souls. You have six souls, you have six times the emotions. You know exactly what I mean."

"I'm nothing like you." Flowey growled darkly, a growl that reminded Frisk of the voice in his mind. A voice that now, he realised, was screaming for Flowey's death. Screaming as though... it knew him.

"... you were, once."


"What?" Flowey's frown grew sharper as he leaned away a little.

"We've both been exiles, Flowey. We both know isolation. And we both know the joy of being found, of being wanted." Frisk rested a hand on the monitor. "You know what it is to have a family, what it is to lose one. You don't know what it's like to gain one again." he stepped back, arms outstretched and inviting. Flowey hesitated, unsure on how to act. "I won't hate you, Flowey. I know what you need, and I'm happy to share it."

"What I need..." Flowey grinned a little as vines lashed around his ankles, holding him in place.

"Kid!" Sans gasped, scrambling to his feet, but Frisk held out a hand to stop him.

"I'm okay, Sans." Frisk smiled. "It's not my soul he needs, it's my love."

"Your LOVE?" Flowey asked, grinning again. "You couldn't hurt a fly if you tried!"

"I'm not talking about my level of violence."

"... what... what do I need your stupid emotions for? All they do is bring you pain!" Another vine lashed out, striking Frisk on the cheek.

"You punk!" Undyne growled, summoning a spear. Again, though, Frisk stopped her.

"I won't lie, there are a lot of bad emotions, but if we don't have the bad ones, how can we know the good ones? My friends want to protect me because of their emotions, and I want to help you because of mine."

"All you're doing is making yourself vulnerable!" Flowey yelled, more vines leaping from the ground and binding his wrists. "Feeling is pointless!"

"You don't mean that." Frisk smiled slightly. "You're crying now." The others looked, and sure enough, the pictures of Flowey's face were marked with tears. "You weren't always like this and you want to return to normal."

"... you... you idiot..." he sniffed, his face shifting again. Asgore gasped when he saw the new face.

"... Asriel...?"


"Nice to meet you." Frisk kept smiling. "I'm Frisk."

"H-howdy." The vines started receding, leaving Frisk free again. "I-I thought I'd told you... the way of the world..."

"That was only the way of your world. We aren't alone in this, we have each other." the monstrosity that was Flowey started to recede, taking a new form.

"I... I guess that's true... Oh, um, Frisk?"


"Um, that locket, it..."

"Oh, sorry, is it yours?" he removed it, carefully collecting the delicate chain. "It's really beautiful."

"Y-yeah, it is..." whatever form he was taking, it was the same size as Frisk. "It actually belonged to my brother..."


"Yeah, his name was Chara.. he was actually the first human to fall, but Mum and Dad took him in to live with us."

"Oh, yeah!" Frisk's eyes widened a little. "The monsters were talking about you two when I was at New Home!"

"Th-they were?" Flowey's form has finally settled into that of Asriel, a younger version of Asgore with a green-and-yellow striped jumper.

"Yeah, the kingdom was never the same after you d… a-after you visited the human world. Asgore and Toriel split up and he started waiting for more humans..."

"I know, I... Flowey learnt a lot."

"Yeah..." Frisk smiled slightly, but a bolt of pain scorched a path through his mind, forcing him to cry out and fall to his knees. The pendant dropped to the ground as everyone got closer, panicked. Frisk couldn't see them. He could only see the owner of the voice.
Only a few men had seen what stood before Frisk, and only from the other side. This wall, this barrier, was all that stood between him and the outer world. His world.

"Impressive, is it not?" A voice asked him. He turned to see Asgore, a towering monster with white fur and a pair of stubby horns. Most of him was concealed behind a suit of dull purple armour and a cape to match, but everyone who saw him knew him to be a powerful monster, king of his realm. "After the war between our races had ended, after our banishment to the land you have explored, seven human magicians summoned all of their power - their Determination - to create this barrier. Centuries after, it still remains. You met the captain of my guard, did you not?" Frisk nodded gently, the memories of the fight with Undyne still fresh in his mind. "She informed you of the gate's key, seven human souls. We have six." Asgore looked at the barrier, and Frisk did the same. It seemed to be... trembling slightly. "We have studied this magic since our banishment. We understand all there is to understand about it. As a result, we know there is no substitute, no alternative." Frisk turned back to face Asgore. He couldn't meet Frisk's eyes. "Human..." Asgore stepped back, the twilight granting him an ominous shadow. "It was nice to meet you." He suddenly thrust a trident out to the side, showing its three crimson points. "Goodbye." He raised it, pointing it at Frisk. It came rushing at him...

"I'll stay!" Frisk panicked, leaping away from the trident as its head crashed into the ground, burying itself in the cold stone beneath. Asgore stayed still for a moment, repeating Frisk's words in his mind.

"All this time... did you not come to New Home to escape our land? To return to yours?" He dislodged the trident, a pebble rolling off and clacking against the ground. "Why would you stay now?"

"... nobody has to die." Frisk huffed, straightening up again. "Sans, Papyrus, Undyne, Alphys, Mettaton... nobody had to die. Alphys says I need a monster soul to escape, but I won't take one!"

"Then you would give your soul up to grant us escape?" Asgore asked, gripping the trident tighter to prepare for another attack.

"N-no, I can't... I don't want to die either... b-but if I stay with you, you can take my soul once I die from age! Y-your kind outlives humans easily, right?!" Asgore hesitated, the trident drooping slightly.

"... human, I... I don't know what to say... you would sacrifice your freedom to allow ours?"

"I mean... my life was worth nothing up there, I came down here to... to escape them. If I can help here, if I can mean something... But I'm afraid to die..."

"... I... will need to think abo-"

"Oh, please!" a new voice hissed, taking them both by surprise. "Boo hoo, everybody hates me, I don't want to die, waa, waa, waa! I told you from the start, human!" the ground trembled slightly as a yellow flower pushed out from the ground where Asgore had stabbed it. "Down here, it's kill or be killed!" It grinned a dark grin, a grin Frisk had only seen once before - right as Flowey had tried to kill him. "Seems you're pretty thick if you still haven't learnt that. Guess I gotta remind you; everybody down here wants you dead! Dead, damnit!"

"Th-that's not true!" Frisk objected, clutching the heart pendant around his neck. "I've met lots of friends! Papyrus was-"

"Papyrus is an idiot!" Flowey interrupted, vines crashing through the ground and pinning Frisk to the wall. "An optimistic-" he slammed Frisk against the wall. "Clueless-" Slam. "Brain dead idiot!" Slam. The vines receded and Frisk dropped to the ground, winded from the ferocity of the attack. "After seeing the scum down here I'd thought you'd have learnt better, but you're as bad as him!"

"Come on, little guy." a fourth voice interrupted. Frisk recognised it and glanced up, grinning slightly. His grin, however, was nothing compared to that of Sans, who was resting against the doorway leading back to New Home. "Why don't you leaf him alone?"

"Ugh!" Flowey groaned, rolling his eyes. "Get lost, you second-rate jokester!"

"Sorry, bud, but I'm here for the kid." he grinned, but his pupils vanished, leaving eerie black sockets where they were. "Unless you want another lesson..." Flowey hissed, before sinking into the ground and vanishing.


"Sans, your timing is perfect." Asgore smiled, clenching his fist. The fireball he had ignited was extinguished. "But what brings you here?"

"Like I said, I'm here for the kid." Sans relaxed, his pupils returning. "Someone like this, you don't wanna leave him alone. Trouble finds him if he can't find it."

"So it seems." Asgore glanced to Frisk, who had made his way over to the king. "Sans, do you know anybody who can care for the human?"

"Huh? Care for him?" the grin dropped a little in his confusion. "You ain't gonna take his soul?" The question sounded like it was aimed at Asgore, but Frisk noticed his eyes. Sans was looking at him when he asked the question...

"He has pledged it to us, but does not wish to die. He suggests waiting for him to age and a natural death."

"There's gonna be backlash, people want out now If we're gonna let the kid live, he needs a guard."

"The Royal Guard can be repurposed."

"And if another human falls?"

"It's been many years since the sixth human, and the Core proved enough to stop them. Should another human fall, we shall use their soul and this child may go free."

"I dunno about this, sir.."

"Nor do I, but..." Asgore sighed. "I believed myself prepared to fight this child, but his Determination surprises even me." He straightened up, a small smile hiding a single tear. "Human, do you know where you can stay?"

"Um, actually, yes, I have an idea..." Frisk muttered. His mind was elsewhere, amid fallen leaves and crumbling stones, amid ancient puzzles and forgotten paths, looking for a kind smile and an embrace he had never forgotten... "I know somebody in the ruins"

"In the ruins? Nobody's been there for years..."

"He fell down in them a couple of days back, headed to Snowdin. I caught him just as he left 'em."

"The... the Snowdin ruins...?" Asgore's voice grew quiet.


"... I will accompany you, child."

"I'll be at Grillby's." Sans nodded, walking back to New Town and out of sight. Frisk looked to Asgore, nervous yet relieved. He had been spared.


The walk back to the elevator was quiet, giving Frisk time to reflect. His family was gone long before he fell down, so that didn't concern him. The bullies and criminals of the human world didn't appeal to him either, so no loss there. Down here had everything he'd wanted; nobody stole from others, nobody harmed others... nobody killed. It was an ideal home for him

"Human, you must understand." Asgore cut through Frisk's thoughts. "Monsters have waited for centuries for you to fall. They will still demand your soul."

"I know..." Frisk muttered a reply, looking down at his feet.

"You must be adept at defending yourself if you made it here, but they will try harder now. We do not have a lot of resources-"

"Your highness, please, I'm okay with staying here. Everyone I've met has been really nice to me once I introduced myself, even if we had to fight." Asgore chuckled softly, a deep laugh that inspired a smile from Frisk.

"Of all the humans I've met, you are the only one willing to befriend every one of their enemies. You do realise they wanted to kill you and steal your Soul?"

"Well, yeah, but humans would want to do the same if you had won the war, so I couldn't really hold it against them."

"Well, I suppose that is true." Asgore chuckled again, but the smile soon dropped. "Of course, there is still the resource problem. A lot of our supplies comes from the human realm, and while the quantity has been increasing, the quality has waned quickly."

"Oh, uh, I, I'll help out when I can." Frisk nodded. "What sort of things do you need?"

"Do not trouble yourself now, if we require your aid we shall ask you." Frisk nodded, looking around. Monsters were watching the two, and he could hear snatches of conversation.

"Isn't that the human?"

"What's his majesty doing with him?"

"We need his Soul, not his body!"

"What's Asgore doing?"

"I'd take him out if Asgore wasn't there..." Frisk frowned, walking a little closer to Asgore.

"Do not worry, human." Asgore smiled, resting a hand on his head. "You shall not be harmed as long as I am here."

"I understand, your highness." Frisk replied, looking around cautiously. "I'm worried for when you aren't here."


They reached the elevator without a hitch, although fitting in proved to be a challenge for Asgore.

"I do not believe we can both fit." Asgore frowned. "Human, you go first. I shall follow you as I can."

"I'll go ahead a bit, I'm worried about Mettaton."

"Mettaton? The television robot? You're concerned for him?"

"D-during our fight, he overloaded himself... his limbs broke off and he ran out of power." Frisk looked down, ashamed again.

"I see... well, knowing Alphys, he's probably working at a functional level by now."

"Huh? Do you really think so?"

"Of course." Asgore smiled his patient smile. "Royal Scientists are always chosen for their intellectual strength, and Alphys is one of the finest I've seen."

"Y-yeah, she is pretty good... I'll go see them!" Frisk quickly stepped into the elevator and pressed the button, the box shaking slightly as it adapted to its passenger.

"I will be there soon." Asgore smiled as the doors slid closed with a bump. A moment later, the whirr began. Frisk was alone. In the near-silence, however, he found no comfort. The voice wouldn't stop talking, mocking him in silence, condemning him and all he met to the same, shallow grave. It scared him, and yet it was him. So many times in his adventure, he had heard the voice call for death, and it had taken so much willpower to suppress it, to show kindness instead of darkness.

"Keep being strong.." he muttered to himself, gently gripping the locket. "Don't let him in..." A gentle lurch caught his attention. He had returned to the Core The doors slid open and he got out, eager to see his friends again. Anything to distract him from the voice.


Asgore was right! Alphys had sat Mettaton up against the wall and was repairing him now. She'd already made good headway, Mettaton already had an arm back and nearly had the other. The two were talking, but Mettaton noticed Frisk and smiled.

"Well, well, well! What brings you back here, darling?" Alphys blinked, confused for a moment, then turned to see Frisk.

"Frisk? I-I thought you said you were going to Asgore!"

"Hi, guys." Frisk chuckled, heading over to them. The voice was already receding, yielding to Frisk's Determination. "Yeah, um, there's been a change of plans."

"A ch-change? Frisk, you aren't going to stay down here, are you?" Alphys swallowed nervously.

"Uh..." Frisk glanced aside, smiling awkwardly. Mettaton laughed.

"Darling, if you stay with us I simply must spar with you again, the ratings have never been higher!"

"Mettaton! Y-you still need to worry about your efficiency!" Alphys objected, picking a screwdriver up and opening a panel. "You're lucky you didn't lose anything more than the fight this time, a total power loss like that could pretty much kill you..."

"Um, can I... can I help?" Frisk asked, getting a little closer.

"Huh? Well, I guess, uh... could you go to my lab and get another battery? I need a big yellow one, it should be by my monitor."

"Yeah, sure." Frisk nodded, setting off, but paused. "Um, actually, I'm meant to be going to Snowdin with Asgore..."

"Asgore? H-he's coming here?" Alphys looked to Frisk, gulping nervously.

"Yeah, uh, he should be in the elevator by now..." Alphys yelped in surprise, scurrying to pack her tools away.

"I-I can't be seen by him! Not like this!"

"Oh, honey, you aren't worried about King Fluffy, are you?" Mettaton chuckled. Frisk noticed him hide a tool behind him. "He knew from the start I wasn't going to catch Frisk."

"It's not that! He'll ask about the other project!" she whimpered, counting her tools. "Wh-where's the wrench?"

"Alphys, dear, you simply must stop worrying about that, he's already forgiven you."

"Th-the others haven't!"

"Have you told them?"

"I-I can't!" It was Frisk's turn to be confused. The other project? What other project? Before he could ask, though, he heard a bell chime softly behind him. Alphys froze up.

"H-he's here!" she whimpered, quaking in fear. "N-never mind about the battery, I'll get it myself!" and with those words, she ran, forgetting about Mettaton.

"Poor dear." Mettaton sighed "She can't see how much she means to everyone..." Clomping footsteps distracted them both, as they turned to meet Asgore again.


"Ah, Mettaton. I saw your last show, and I must confess, I was impressed. You truly pulled out all the stops on this one!"

"What can I say? The audience deserves a show worthy of a finale." he chuckled, grinning up to Asgore. "A pity about my limbs, but all great art demands a sacrifice."

"Yes, well..." Asgore coughed. "You haven't seen Alphys, have you? I would have thought she'd be repairing you now."

"She is, but one of her power tools ran out of juice, she's getting a replacement battery now."

"I see... and how is your own, ah, juice?"

"I'm not going to run out of power yet, sire, I'm plugged in now." he shuffled his torso aside to reveal a pair of sockets on the wall, one of which he was plugged into.

"Ah, good. Please pass my regards to Alphys when she returns."

"Of course." Mettaton nodded once, and Asgore returned this.

"Come, human, let's keep going. We still have a way to go until Snowdin."

"Yes, sir." Frisk nodded, eager to get going. Snowdin was pretty far away, but Frisk had an idea.


A short elevator ride brought them to the back of the hotel. Asgore slowed, frowning slightly.

"There are a lot of monsters in the hotel. We cannot hide you from them all, not after Mettaton's show.."

"Maybe we don't need to? Nobody saw our fight, we can say you won." Asgore nodded, agreeing to the plan.

"I'll carry you through, look as dead as you can." Frisk nodded, getting close to Asgore, who lifted him in both arms. Asgore shook himself slightly, armour clanking as he prepared himself, then marched to the door, head down. As they had guessed, monsters were nearby, and cheered on seeing Frisk's "dead" body. These cheers grew quiet as they noticed Asgore's expression, though. He couldn't meet their eyes, his walking was slow... was he hurt? A monster came up.

"Your highness, are you..."

"No." Asgore replied softly. Frisk was impressed, he even sounded like he was holding back tears. The monster backed off, the silence broken by the fountain's tinkling. The door whirred open, and closed behind them with a soft thump. It would have caught Asgore's cape, had he not pulled it out of the way in time.

"How was that?" he muttered, still moving.

"You should talk to Mettaton about acting, you had them all fooled." Frisk chuckled softly, keeping still.

"Thankyou. I'll let you down soon." Asgore muttered, rounding a corner. They reached a large chasm, spanned by a silvery bridge that glimmered slightly in the light.


"Oh, this is Muffet's home." Frisk remembered, shuffling out of Asgore's grip and looking around "She doesn't seem to be in, though..."

"The bridge doesn't look too sturdy." Asgore frowned, kneeling to examine it. "Are we sure it is safe?"

"I was able to fight her on it, sire, I think it can hold your armour fine."

"I am quite large, human, I do not believe it will hold..."

"If you want, I'll go first." Asgore nodded wordlessly at this offer, using his trident to get to his feet. Frisk walked over easily, the bridge giving very little sway. "See? Easy!" Asgore didn't look convinced, and he was still gripping the trident tight enough to tremble a little.

"Human, I... This doesn't seem safe..."

"What's this?" a new voice crooned from above. They both looked up to see Muffet, descending on a harness made from the same, silver strands as the bridge. "I hadn't expected another guest so soon, I don't even have any tea prepared!"

"Miss Muffet, please do not joke... I am simply passing through..."

"I'm quite serious, your highness. Please, step into my parlour and have a drink, I'm sure it'll... tickle your fancy." she chuckled to herself, beckoning Asgore with one hand and Frisk with another.

"Miss, I don't want to be rude, but we really are in a hurry. I'll donate some money to help the ruin spiders, we're going to the ruins anyway..." Frisk fished into his pocket and brought out some money. Quite a lot, in fact. Muffet licked her lips, tempted.

"And all you want is for me to help his majesty across? I suppose I can arrange something." she chuckled again, clapping her hands together - all six of them. A scurrying sound from above betrayed the arrival of the spiders, each as big as a fist, crawling down the walls from the unseen darkness above. They crawled over the floor and over Frisk, who shuddered from the itchy tickling - but opened his hand to relinquish the payment. They took it from him, its shine vanishing into the black flood. The bridge was soon cloaked in the same shimmering shadow.

"It won't be long now." Muffet chuckled. "Can I interest either of you in a cup of tea?"

"... Do you have any golden flower tea?"

"Why, yes! I usually save it for special guests, but I suppose there are none more special than your majesty." she snickered, crawling up into the darkness above again


A few minutes were spent in near-silence, the echoing of the Core below and the skittering of the spiders breaking it. After a while, Muffet returned, carrying a delicate-looking cup of tea in hand. "For you, your highness." she chuckled, extending the cup and a saucer to him.

"Th-thankyou..." Asgore muttered, still on edge as he took the dainty cup. One sniff of the dull yellow liquid within seemed to set him at ease, however, as he closed his eyes and sighed contentedly. He took a sip, letting the elixir wash over his tongue, soothing his body and mind. "Ah, yes, this is what I needed..."

"It's very difficult to get that brand without a tie to your family, sire." Muffet sighed, starting to climb back up. "Would you care for a drink, Frisk?"

"No, thankyou." Frisk declined, bowing his head slightly.

"What do you mean, difficult to acquire?" Asgore asked, taking another quiet sip.

"There are only three places the flowers grow. One's in the now-sealed ruins, and another is your garden. The third, and only readily-accessible one, is the patch in Waterfall, and so many people want the King's favourite type that the Royal Guard have had to step in, for the flower's protection. There simply aren't enough to go around." Asgore fell quiet, thinking about the predicament. Frisk pondered too - he had seen there wasn't enough room for a single field, let alone a farm. The problem always seemed to be space in the underground... then it struck him.

"Asgore!" he shouted over the chasm. "Why can't we dig out more space?"

"We have tried, human." Asgore shook his head sadly. "The seal your ancestors set prevents us from exiting its reach by any means."

"Even digging?" Frisk asked, surprised at humanity's cruelty. Asgore nodded solemnly, taking another quiet sip. Frisk felt a wave of pity wash over him. These monsters didn't just want to get out, they deserved to. The three sank into silence again, until Muffet spoke up.

"Oh, it appears my little friends are done reinforcing the bridge, your majesty." The spiders were receding, showing the bridge's silvery strands had been covered by a duller grey. It didn't sway a bit, not even in the soft breeze coming from the Core. "It's been a pleasure to see you both. Take care!" she chuckled once more, climbing into the darkness above and out of sight. Asgore and Frisk watched her go for a moment, then looked at each other.

"Come on, sire, it's safe now!" Frisk beckoned him closer. Asgore frowned, still uncertain, but carefully moved onto the bridge. Even with the weight of his armour, the bridge didn't budge. Asgore took one cautious step, then a bolder one. The bridge remained stoic, solid as the walls it was secured to. Emboldened, Asgore crossed the rest of the bridge, and the two were soon on their way.


They took the elevator down to the ground floor of Hotland, Alphys' laboratory looming ominously above them. Asgore was the first to leave the elevator this time, Frisk following behind.

"I'm impressed you made it through here as easily as you did, human. The temperature alone is enough to deter most monsters."

"Honestly, I had to keep making trips back to Waterfall to keep cool enough." Frisk panted softly, the heat already getting to him. How was Asgore standing this heat with all that fur? Asgore chuckled.

"I can imagine. At least our stay this time will be brief."  he smiled sincerely, heading towards the passage to Waterfall. Frisk hesitated, glancing down the hill to the river.

"Um, sire? Won't the boatman be faster?"

"Hm?" Asgore turned to look at him. "Who is the boatman?"

"I... sorry, I thought you'd met him before, he ferried me around Snowdin, Waterfall and Hotland."

"Oh?" he smiled slightly. "That sounds kind of him."

"Yeah, uh, should we go?"

"If he is willing to ferry us both, then let's." Asgore nodded, heading back to Frisk. They descended the stairs together, the rush of the river already contesting with the bubbling of the magma below. Sure enough, the cloaked figure of the boatperson was there, looking up at them from within their shadow.

"Ah, Frisk." they chuckled, nodding slightly. "Are you and your companion hoping to use the ferry?"

"Yes, we are. We're going to Snowdin."

"Of course." the boatperson nodded again. "Please, step aboard." Frisk did so, Asgore settling down in the middle. After a moment, they set off, the boat cruising against the river's flow easily.


The river's gentle rush was the only sound for a while, but before long the boatperson started singing.

"Tra la la..." they hummed for a while, then paused. Frisk listened intently, knowing the boatperson usually gave an interesting fact. "Beware the man that speaks in hands." Frisk blinked, caught off-guard. Speaking in hands? What did that mean?

"... you are not supposed to speak of him." Asgore grumbled, glowering at the boatperson. "Friend or not, the child is still a human."

"Forgive me, highness." the boatperson bowed their head, falling quiet again. The underground was even more confusing than Frisk had expected; Alphys' mention of the other project, and now this speaking-in-hands business... what was going on? He covered his mouth with his hand, pondering, but no answers came to him. This was going to be a tough puzzle to solve.


The rest of the cruise passed in an uneasy silence, but the air soon turned cold as they approached the wintery village.

"Here we are." The boatperson suddenly announced, turning the boat towards the still water by the bank. "I hope the rest of your day is as pleasant as today's ride."

"Thankyou." Asgore replied stiffly, disembarking swiftly. Frisk thanked them too, then hopped off. The snow crumpled easily under his feet, bringing about a small smile. He was nearly back to her. They started walking the short path into Snowdin, when Asgore stopped. Intrigued, Frisk turned to look. "Human... do not speak of what they told you just now."

"Why not?" Frisk asked, tilting his head slightly.

"I shall explain in the fullness of time, but for now, tell nobody."

"Y-yes, your majesty." Frisk nodded, nervous from Asgore's secrecy. He was determined to find the truth, but wise enough to know now wasn't the time. They turned to move on, but were stopped by a ringing sound. "Oh, my phone." Frisk realised, rummaging around in his pockets. After a moment's rummaging, he brought the phone out and accepted the call. "Hello?"

"Human!" A familiar voice greeted, causing Frisk to smile. Of course Papyrus would be calling him after seeing the show. "Are you okay? Meeting Mettaton like that had to be incredible! Are you hurt?"

"I-I'm fine, thanks." Frisk grinned, feeling a little awkward from the attention. "Mettaton was interesting, that's for sure, but we're both okay."

"Papyrus, you talkin' to the human again?" Another voice asked, this one from further away. Undyne was there too, then.

"Uh-huh! Do you want to- hey!" there was the sound of a scuffle, interjected with "Give it here!" and the occasional "Owie!" but, eventually, Undyne had the phone.

"Hey, pipsqueak! Thought you'd be in New Home by now, how come Papyrus was able to reach you?"

"I... it's kinda hard to explain, to be honest."

"Where are ya? We can meet up, get this straightened out."

"I, uh.. I'm in Snowdin."

"What? You came back here? What about meetin' Asgore?"

"It's complicated, Undyne..." Frisk sighed.

"Get your butt over here and explain it, then!" She growled. Playful or not, Undyne wasn't the sort of person you said no to.

"Hang on, I'm travelling with someone, let me check with them first."

"Hurry it up!" Frisk covered the receiver with his hand, turning to Asgore.

"Um, Undyne wants to meet up, she and Papyrus want to know why I'm here."

"I assume they do not know of my presence?"

"They don't seem to."

"Hm... very well, we can go. I'd be noticed in Snowdin anyway."

"Alright." he nodded, raising the phone again. "Undyne?"

"I'll see you here, then!" he could hear the grin in her voice, and he grinned in kind.

"Y-yeah, we'll head over now."

"All right! Hey, Papyrus, he's comi-" beep. In her excitement, Undyne must have caught the End Call button. Frisk sighed, putting the phone back into his pocket with a smile.

"They're expecting us, sire. Shall we?"

"Let's." Asgore nodded, marching off with Frisk.


As Asgore had guessed, the monsters recognised them immediately, although what they said took him by surprise. Instead of mutters of discontent, the surprise was more neutral, with some even favouring the friendship.

"Human, I had expected these to share opinions with the monsters at New Home, but these seem to... like you."

"I think these have had the time to get to know me." he shrugged. "They're all my friends." Asgore chuckled.

"Friends? You have an awful lot, then." Frisk wordlessly nodded in agreement, smiling warmly.

"I couldn't ask for anything more." He looked around at the monsters, some of who waved to him briefly. He chuckled and waved back, but soon stopped. They had reached Papyrus and Sans' house.
Understay - Part 1
Unless you read descriptions first, it'll be too late for this, but I need to make a couple of disclaimers.

* Obviously, I am not Toby Fox, and so I do not own Undertale or any of its content, including the characters and locations I use in this story.
* I'm assuming Frisk to be a pre-teen male in this one.
* This is a neutral run - although he's been pacifistic, he hasn't dated Alphys and so is unaware of the True Lab.

Anyway, I know I haven't posted here in donkey's years, but let me know what you think of Understay in the comments below. CONSTRUCTIVE criticism would be greatly appreciated!
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